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Information FAQs

Q: I've deleted a file on my M: drive - can you get it back?

If you delete a file on your M: drive, or you edit a file and then decide you want to revert to a previous version, it is possible to recover the file without contacting ISS. The Windows file servers store previous version of documents and deleted ones for between 2 to 3 weeks (sometimes longer). To recover a file - select the folder it was in, right-click on the folder icon, select 'Properties' and then select 'Previous Versions'. A document is available on the ISS website explaining in more detail how to do this. This method only works for files in your Home Director (your M: drive). It doesn't work for files on the N: drive.

Q: When will my printer credit purchase be added to my printer credits account?

Q: Can I print on transparencies or my own paper?

Q: Why does my card not work in the printer credit machines?

Q: What do I do if a printer has jammed, or run out of paper or ink?

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