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Frequently Asked Questions: Web Server Migration

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Web Server Migration FAQs

Q: What's changing?

Q: Who's performing the migration

Q: How will I access my site to make changes?

Q: Will FrontPage Server Extensions be supported?

Q: Can I still send emails from my pages using CDONTS?

Q: Can I still send emails from my pages using CDOSYS?

Yes. This method is still supported by Microsoft and will be installed on the new server.

Q: Are Classic ASP website supported?

Q: Are Microsoft Access Databases supported?

Q: I have ODBC entries setup on the existing server. Will these be migrated?

Q: Will my site's address change?

Q: How long does it take for the re-registered IP address to take affect.

Q: My site used a 3rd party component that requires installing on the server, will this be re-installed on the new server?

Q: Will I be able to access any statistics for my site.

Q: Are ASP.Net 1.1 Websites Supported?

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