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SAP Account Management

An Introduction to SAP at the University of Leeds

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The University's corporate SAP system is available for use by those employees that require access to Finance, Human Resources or Logistics information to perform their job.

Information on the following areas is held on the SAP system:


  • Accounts Payable
  • Account Receivable
  • Financial Services
  • Management Accounts
  • Tax
  • Treasury
  • Grants Management
  • Personnel
  • Payroll
  • Pensions
  • Training & Events
  • HESA
  •  Purchasing
  • Goods receipting
  • Invoice purchase verification
  • Plant Maintenance


Do I need SAP?

If your role requires you to use SAP then you will be notified by your manager.  SAP access is granted against a position within the University rather than a person.  Please note that this access is not automatically retained if an employee transfers post within the University.


How to get an SAP Account or amend an existing account

An overview of the SAP account request and maintenance process is detailed below.


 SAP User  EMPLOYEE - access to SAP is defined by the tasks performed by the employee, your manager will know whether or not you require access to SAP to perform tasks within your job.
 UoL manager  MANAGER - As part of the employee induction process the manager will arrange all required corporate access in advance of the employees start date, including any training requirements.
SAP Approver SAP APPROVER - the application is reviewed by an authorised employee, who only has access to deal with requests for specific SAP roles.



 Requesting a new SAP user account

The following steps outline the process for requesting a new SAP user account:

SAP new user account process









  • Manager discusses SAP requirements with employee.
  • Request is raised by manager outlining SAP roles required for employee.
  • The request is reviewed by the SAP Approver - valid requests are approved for processing, managers are notified of any rejections.
  • Process requests are stored until the applicant has received the appropriate training.
  • Applicant attends courses, and the course trainer signs off competency.
  • SAP checks each evening for applicants that have successfully attended SAP training.
  • Applicant notified by email of request completion and password.

Revisions to existing SAP Accounts

If you already have an SAP account and require additional SAP roles the process is similar to the new user application request.

  • A manager will raise the request on your behalf.
  • The SAP Approver will review the request.
  • You will book and attend the appropriate SAP training.
  • The course trainer will confirm with SAP that you have received the correct training.
  • You will be notified by email that your SAP account has been updated.


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