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SAP Account Support

Overview of Available Support

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 The support provided for the SAP Account Management system (SAM) is split in to three categories all with different owners.  See the table below for an explantion of the support available to you. 


 Queries relating to how SAM is working in terms of being available or if  the application does not respond as expected.


 Queries about the processes associated with SAP accounts covering WHO, WHATHOW and WHEN


 Formal reference material covering all aspects of the SAM system.


 Contact ISS Helpdesk for the attention of SAP Team

 Contact your SAP Approver  Check out the online reference site


  • If you have any problems with SAM check out the online help first.
  • Speak with your manager or SAP Approver about process queries.
  • Finally if you still need a solution raise a call with the ISS Help Desk.


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