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The majority of SAP account queries are detailed in the Process Queries page (click here to view page )

A selection of the common questions are addressed below:

How do I get access to SAP?

In the first instance you should speak with your manager about the relevance of using SAP in your role.  All the details you need know about raising a request can be found at the SAP Account Management Homepage

What is my password?

If you are a new user your password will be sent to you directly.  If you require a new password you will need to contact the ISS Help Desk

How do I apply for training?

You can use the online booking system to request a place on an SAP course.  Details of the appropriate course are displayed when you  request  a role in SAM.  You will also be notified of future courses when you submit your request.

Why havent I got my SAP account /role yet?

Before you get access the request must be:

  •  approved by by an SAP Approver


  • you must have attended the appropriate training.

First check with your trainer that your training has been recorded against your training record in SAP.  If your training is recorded and you still do not have access please check with the SAP Approver that your request has been approved.

Who is my authorised Officer?

When raising a request you will be prompted with a dropdown list of the people that are able to approve your request.  You can also view the online list at: SAP Approvers
(Please note faculties and services are responsible for keeping this information up to date).

The SAP Approver Authorised list is out of date, how do we update this? 

The Dean / Head of Service of the relevant department should the details to User Administration via the ISS Help Desk.


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