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SAP Training & Events Management

The major University training providers are now switching over to SAP Training & Events Management for the administration of training. This page contains links to all of the training material that has been used in the courses.

TEM Training Administrator

The Training Administrator training focuses on the day-to-day tasks of training administration. This includes the creation of Business Events, administration of attendees, maintaining waiting lists and registering interest in courses and producing documentation from the system.



SAP TEM Attendee Menu

Administration of attendees - booking, cancelling and waiting lists

SAP TEM Business Event Menu

Creating course dates and allocating resources

SAP TEM Student Persons

Use this guide for transferring Student data from Banner to SAP so they can be booked onto a Business Event

There are also process flowcharts for common tasks:

Enrolling an Attendee

Creating a Business Event

Cancelling a Business Event & Cancelling an Attendee Booking

TEM Training Coordinator

The Coordinator training looks at the tasks associated with the planning and preparation of Business Event Types. This includes management of Resources and the creation of course templates.



SAP TEM Resources Menu

The creation and maintenance of resources

SAP TEM Master Data Catalogue - Creation

Looking at the stucture of the training catalogue and how to create Business Event Types

SAP TEM Master Data Catalogue - Editing

Editing Business Event Types

There is also two process flowcharts:

Creating a Business Event Type

Creating Resources

TEM Documents and Reports



SAP TEM Information Menu

How to run reports from TEM - attendee lists, Business Event information and resource usage

SAP TEM Document Production

Creating word documents from TEM

SAP TEM Reporting Guide

Detailing the custom reports that the University of Leeds has created for use with SAP TEM. This guide also covers some generic reporting techniques for SAP

SAP TEM Ad-Hoc Reports

Creating user-defined reports from TEM data using SAPs Ad-Hoc Reporting tool

There is also a flowchart for creation of MS Word documents from TEM:

Creating Word Documents

Other Documents

'How To' Guide for Editing Business Event Types

Frequently Asked Questions

If you require further help or advice on any aspect of the Training & Events Management solution, please contact Deborah Marcus by email or on 33624.

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