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Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2007 - Completed

Known Issues for Outlook Web Access Users

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Users of the ISS staff email Exchange service can access email from off campus using any browser via the new Outlook Web Access service. This has been available since March 2009 and allows access to view, send and manage email by logging in with your ISS username to

The new Outlook Web Access service has several differences to the old service.  In many cases the browser you use will affect the features available to manage your email, view your calendar and find contacts.  The table below lists some of the most common queries which have been raised by users of the service, with details of the current status and a work around for the issue.    

Please note that in all cases any limitation of the Outlook Web Access features can be overcome by using a full Outlook client.  This can be accessed from any platform using the Remote and Mobile Access service available from

Known Outlook Web Access Issues
Affects Users of the following browsers Description Current status  Work arounds

Print option no longer available when composing a new message or when replying or forwarding a received message. 

Microsoft have confirmed this is intended behaviour. 

ISS have logged a product enhancement request.

Use Print option which is available after sending an item.

All The default grouping of emails when sorted by 'Received' date (the default view)cannot be changed.

Microsoft have confirmed this is intended behaviour. 

ISS have logged a product enhancement request.

The following may provide a partial resolution for some users :

It is possible to sort folders by selecting headings other than Received.  For example email can be sorted by Priority, Flag status or Message type by clicking on the column heading.

The resulting view still uses pre-defined groups, with a secondary sorting of Received date within a group.  Changing the sorting heading can be useful if the selected heading has only one or two groups.  

All non IE browsers Calendar view only displays a single day at a time - there is no week or month view available

Microsoft have confirmed this is intended behaviour.

ISS have logged a product enhancement request.

There is no resolution to this issue currenlty available through OWA.

Consider using the full Outlook client via the Remote and Mobile Access service available from

Safari and Firefox

Plain text emails are displayed with a very small font size and may not be readable.


Microsoft have confirmed this is a bug and they are releasing a fix for this issue.

Changes to your default Firefox and Safari settings can be made to overcome this issue pending a fix.

for Firefox users

Open Tools/Options.
Select the content tab.
Click Advanced.
Set the minimum font size to 13 (or whatever you prefer).
Click OK twice.

for Safari users 

Open Edit menu from preferences.
Click Select next to Fixed-width font.
Change the font size to 16
(or whatever you prefer).
Close both windows.  

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