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Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2007 - Completed

Migration Schedule for Moving Mailboxes to Exchange 2007

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The move to new Exchange 2007 servers will involve the migration of all existing Exchange mailboxes. This will include your e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and personal folders.  All public folders will also be moved.

Each mailbox will take around 10 minutes to move (depending on your mailbox size) and you will not be able to access your mailbox during this time.  To minimise the impact of this, all mailboxes are being moved out of hours, between 6pm on Friday, and before 5 pm on Saturday.

The schedule for mailbox moves is: 

13 - 14 February: ISS, School of Medicine, 10 users from Central Administration

After obtaining and reviewing feedback from the pilot groups the migration schedule will be;   


Faculty / Department

20th/21st Feb

Careers Services
Library Services
Residential & Commercial Services
University Services
Faculty of Business
Estate Services
Centre for Joint Honours
Faculty of Arts Office
Yorkshire University Ltd
Weetwood Hall
Students Union
Cervantes Institute

27th/28th Feb

Central Administration (mailboxes on admin network)
School of Healthcare

6th/8th March

Faculty of Medicine & Health
(except School of Medicine, NCRN and School of Healthcare)

13th/14th March

Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Arts

20th/21st March

Central Administration and Support Services (mailboxes on DS network)
Disability Services
Lifelong Learning Centre
Logik Centre
Physical Education
Safety Advisory Services
Business and Enterprise
Occupational Health

Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts & Communication
Faculty of Environment

27th/28th March

Faculty of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Education, Social Sciences & Law Faculty of Mathematics & Physical Sciences


* All migrations scheduled for a Friday will start after 6pm.  Migrations will be finished by Saturday, 5 pm.

After the migration, your e-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks will be available as usual via your desktop client and Outlook Web Access. You should not notice any changes to your mailbox after it has been moved.  

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