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Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2007 - Completed

Important Information About Your Mailbox Move

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Please read the following information before your mailbox migration

Log out of your machine on the evening before the migration takes place.

If you attempt to log onto your account at the exact same time your mailbox is being moved you may suffer a loss of connection. This should last no longer than 10 minutes  and will depnd on the size of your mailbox.

During the migration there will be no loss of mail and no changes to your outlook settings.   You will be able to access all your email folders (including your deleted items) after the migration.   You will not be able to recover any items which have been emptied out of your deleted items folder before the migration. 


Cached mode feature users

Outlook users can continue to use this feature.  If you regularly view calendars belonging to other users, or you use a PC where some software is already running slowly we would NOT recommend the use of cached mode.  Details on how to enable the cached mode feature are available.


Windows Mobile/PDAs/iPhone users

Synchronise your device as normal with Exchange and then remove it before your mailbox is migrated.  Any changes made to the device between the last sync before the mailbox move and the first sync after the mailbox move will be lost.  On re-connecting you will need to perform a manual re-sync on your device.  The device will ask you to agree to security policy changes.  This will not change your user experience, but will enable ISS to offer additional services in the future (like remote data wiping) for lost or stolen devices.


IMAP clients accessing Exchange

You will need to re-synchronise your client with your mailbox to download message headers after the move.  For details of any known issues with specific IMAP clients please refer to ./info/279/projects/438/upgrade_to_microsoft_exchange_2007/10


Macintosh users of Entourage 

You should make account setting changes BEFORE the mailbox has been moved.  This will avoid any need to reset your account details after the migration. Instructions on how to do this are available in the document how to configure Entourage 2008 with Exchange 2007.

Please contact ISS Help Desk on extension 33333 if you have any questions or experience any issues post migration.

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