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Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange 2007 - Completed

Benefits of the Exchange Upgrade

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The upgrade of our email servers from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 will provide a lot of immediate benefits to users.

Increases to mailbox quotas - the default mailbox quota limit of 100 MB will be increased to 500 MB within a week of moving to the new servers.  Users who already have custom quotas below 500 MB will also have their quotas increased to this new minimum.  Users who currently have custom quotas above 500 MB will remain unchanged.  The new system will enable ISS to give much larger quotas than the default to those staff who are heavy users of email.  More details about the quota and archiving policy for emails is available.  

Improved searching capabilities - users will notice that searches of their emails and folders will provide almost instantaneuous responses.  All email is now indexed in real time, providing a much more flexible way to find and retrieve information.

Faster server response times - new Exchange servers can provide a faster response than previously to opening folders.  Faster responses will be particularly noticeable to users accessing Exchange through IMAP connections.

Fresh look and feel for outlook web access - provides a new user experience similar to using Outlook as an installed application.  For more details about the new look and feel and to access user documentation please refer to ./info/279/projects/438/upgrade_to_microsoft_exchange_2007/8





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