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Using Charts with Microsoft Excel 2002


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1.1 About Spreadsheet Software

The main task of a spreadsheet is to present and manipulate data. It may be difficult to interpret a table of numbers displayed on a spreadsheet, and trends will not be easy to detect. Data can often be made easier to interpret when they are displayed visually, and Excel provides a wide range of chart types for this purpose. Use of the chart wizard makes the creation of graphs straightforward.

1.2 Aim of this Document

This document gives a series of exercises in charting data using Microsoft Excel 2002.

1.3 Prerequisites

It is assumed that you already know how to open, close, save and print an Excel spreadsheet and that you know how to enter data, edit data and create simple formulae. If you are new to Excel it will be necessary for you to read and work through the following document before attempting these exercises:
Getting Started with Microsoft Excel 2002
If you wish to investigate some of the other facilities in Excel then the following documents are also available:
Formatting with Microsoft Excel 2002
Writing Formulae with Microsoft Excel 2002
Data Manipulation with Microsoft Excel 2002
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