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SAP HR within the university currently consists of 6 sub areas

Personnel Management

This area is used to store personal data, payroll related data and HESA data. Personal data is entered into SAP as part of the initial hire process with subsequent updates being made by Central HR and devolved HR staff in the faculties. Devolved access to employee maintenance and reporting processes in PA by local user communities is provided as part of the Managers Desktop.

Time Management

This area is used to store time related data such as an individual's work schedule (definition of working hours), paid leave information, and sickness absence related data.


In this area additional personnel records are created for employees that are required for payroll processing purposes such as tax and national Insurance. These are then read and processed as part of payroll to ensure legal compliance and reporting requirements are met. Once finalised Payroll results are then transferred to banking, general ledger, accounts payable and cost accounting functions within SAP in order to provide end to end employee finance postings.

Training and Events Management

The SAP Training and Events management area was implemented at the University in 2005 and is now used by all the University's central training providers to advertise, administer and record training. In 2006 a faculty (reduced) version was implemented in order to allow other types of training to be recorded at a local level. Faculties and Services will also be able to use this functionality to record who has attended the briefing sessions for SRDS.

Organisational Management

At present the University only uses the SAP Organisational management module in a limited capacity, the University has so far created Organisational Units (Departments) that have the reporting relationship into each other in order to demonstrate the Organisation hierarchy.

Jobs and Positions are also maintained in terms of a title description though at present both of these have a pure one to one relationship and are identical. Although the relationship to an individual is maintained this is only done so that you can view what position a member of staff is in and where they sit within the Organisational Structure. There is no reporting structure used in the SAP Organisational Management module at the University.

Employee/Manager Self Service

The Employee and Manager Self Service area are currently being piloted within ISS. The Employee Self Service functionality implemented is designed to provide a number of services that allow staff to access and maintain certain HR information and activities tailored to their personal circumstances.

The Managers Self Service functionality is being used to improve the provision of information to a manager about their staff and other activities and also includes the ability to authorise, for example, holidays and review training records.

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