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SAP Finance consists of 3 main areas:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Logistics - Purchasing and Sales

1. Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting comprises the core accounting and transaction processing functions of the University and includes the following functionality:

General Ledger accounting for producing the statutory accounts and journal functionality. Current developments include rolling out journal input to Faculties.

Accounts payable for processing invoices payment requests and paying suppliers. Current developments include auto faxing and e-mailing of remittance advices, using NatWest Bankline to process Euro payments from the Euro bank account and the implementation of BACSTEL-IP to comply with the new BACS requirements.

Accounts receivable for processing some sales invoices and debt collection. Currently a drive to process all sales invoices through the Sales module (SD) to enable Accounts receivable staff to concentrate on debt collection. Currently implementing a solution for creating direct debit mandates for student fees on the web and looking at a providing a solution to pay for conference fees on the web at time of booking.

Fixed Assets for recording and depreciating assets over £25k. There are plans to review the method of processing these to comply with the Full Economic Costing Review findings. Currently also developing an inventory solution to record assets under £25k for physical verification and testing purposes.

Treasury for bank accounting, processing cheque receipts, and receipts and payments through the Cash Office. Recent developments include automating the Euro bank account reconciliation and implementing an automated cash receipting system in the Cash Office with plans to roll this out to other areas of the University.

2. Management Accounting

This area covers the main management reporting tools and budgetary control system. It includes the following modules:

Controlling for profit centre, cost centre and internal order reporting.

Project system for project reporting (WBS) includes research and development projects and capital projects.

There are ongoing reporting developments in all areas with the recent addition of the Management Information Pack (MIP) which is now automated on SAP. The Costing and Pricing Review and Full Economic Cost review will have a significant impact on reporting requirements and cost allocations going forward.

There are also plans to implement SAP Business Intelligence which will improve cross module and cross system reporting.

The implementation of Grants Management will replace the current Oscar system providing improved functionality for Research Grant management and reporting.


Purchasing (MM) includes purchase requisition; purchase order, goods receipt and invoice verification. Current developments include enhancements to SIPR (SAP intranet purchase requisition), rollout of auto faxing purchase orders and the implementation of inventory management for stock and implementing SAP purchasing for all remaining departments and institutes.

Sales (SD) includes the sales order and billing functionality for sales invoicing. Currently implementing SAP sales to all remaining departments and institutes. A recent development has been to introduce billing plans and milestone billing for research grants.

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