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1. On-line cash receipting

The SAP cash journal was implemented in the Main Leeds Cash Office for both receipts and petty cash payments on 7 April 2003 . This replaced a previously manual system where receipts were hand written and documentation was sent up to Financial Accounting to input. The SAP cash journal produces printed receipts and posts direct to accounts thus eliminating duplication of processing and producing more timely information. The end of day cashing up procedure has also become quicker and easier to reconcile


This project has saved approximately £10k per anum in staff time and has improved the service provided to customers at the counter.

It is intended to utilise this functionality at Registration to speed up processing time and improve the student experience.

2. Implementation of ADDACS and AUDDIS (Direct debit validation)

This project aimed to achieve improved efficiency and more automated processing of direct debits for student fees by use of the Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS) and the Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service (ADDACS) software.


This has resulted in improved efficiency and accuracy of the process and a reduction in staff time for more valuable activity equating to approximately £5000 per annum . In addition, bank details changed during the year and the automated facility allows continual update and ensures data is current. Hence, it has also reduced the risk of the customer defaulting on payment.

3. Facilitate web payment of student fees

This project has provided UK and Overseas students and their parents/sponsors with the facility to make payments by credit/debit card over the internet for fees and accommodation.



The facilitation of these activities has streamlined the payment process and allows staff members to focus on the back office work, and the reduced number of manual payments that are made. This facility went live at the beginning of April 2003 and has collected £180K in the first 3 months of operation.

4. Science Warehouse integration

The University of Leeds identified the opportunity for requisitioners of scientific equipment, and some stationary to procure them through the internet market place available from, Science Warehouse.

The SAP team worked with Science Warehouse in the development of an interface between the two systems to allow the free flow of purchase documentation from the internet to SAP for follow on activities, i.e. invoicing, and the subsequent outward approvals/rejections/error messages as necessary.


This has led to an automated requisition and ordering process, with information carried through to SAP to enable goods receipt, and invoice. It also ensures compliance as it only supports preferred suppliers and enables up to date price comparisons before commitment is made.

5.Internal market - enhancements and roll-out

This project was to continue the roll out of internal market functionality that allows departments to buy and sell from each other through SAP.

School of Medicine and Estates were added as sellers and additional products were added for ISS.


The benefit s include commitment accounting for the buyer, replaces a paper based system which saves time and money. It reduces the need for monthly input from Central Finance.

6. Auto faxing of purchase orders and BACS remittances

The aim of this project was to allow the automatic faxing of purchase orders and BACS remittance advices directly from SAP. The top 100 vendors for purchase orders and 650 vendors for BACS remittance were changed to use this functionality.


This implementation is expected to save £210k in stationery and time savings over a 4 year period, with 600 faxes being sent in the first 3 weeks of operation.

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