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Online list of active SAP Approvers

  • The SAM system now contains a list of active SAP Approvers by faculty or service, detailing the area of SAP they are able to grant access to. 
  • The list only refers to people authorised to approve SAP requests under the online application system. 
  • The paper based process has now been withdrawn from service.

Missing SAP Approvers

  • In order for an employee to become an SAP Approver  they must be nominated by the Dean or Head of Service and have received the appropriate SAM training. 
  • If you can not find an appropriate approver please speak with your manager or the member of staff you expected to submit your request to. 

Where to find the SAP Approvers link

  • The list of SAP Approvers can be found on SAM Homepage and accessed by clicking on the button highlighted on the screenshot below. 




  • Scroll the dropdown list and select the area appropriate to the role you require. 
  • If you are unsure of the correct area please review the list of roles (also accessed via the SAM Homepage). 
  • If you do not know which role you require please discuss the requirements with your manager.


SAM Approver List











If you have any questions about the names listed please contact the relevant Dean or Head of Service/Department in your area, thank you.

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