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Automatic power saving on PCs

Automatic power saving on PCs

Published Monday 9th August 10

A new project, agreed by the University's Sustainable IT Committee will allow automatic power saving on idle or unattended PCs.

The University is committed to reducing costs and reducing its carbon footprint, and this project will help to reduce its energy bill. The initial phase will implement monitor powering saving on Windows desktop computers. After 10 minutes of inactivity the monitor will power off; the screen saver will also be set to 'Blank' (this uses less energy than computationally intensive 3D screen savers). The monitor will switch back on again in response to any mouse or keyboard activity.

This has been successfully piloted in MAPS, and we will be going live across campus on Tuesday 24 August.

You may have already been contacted by your IT rep or they may have carried out their own survey to identify machines to be excluded from this initiative. Examples to machines that warrant exclusion are information screens or machines controlling sensitive equipment.

If you have any queries please contact your local IT rep or the ISS Help Desk. Technical information about this initial phase of power saving can be found at:

ISS Help Desk
Tel x33333


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