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Communication and Support

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We are constantly reviewing our existing support mechanisms and investigating new ways of improving the ongoing support to SAP users across the University. We value the feedback received from our users at post implementation reviews and training courses and seek to act upon suggestions. To this end we have introduced several new ideas and developments to complement existing support mechanisms such as the ISS Help Desk.

SAP user management
The University of Leeds currently has a limited number of SAP licences. Therefore, SAP users need to be managed effectively, in a timely manner, to ensure that only individuals who need a SAP user account hold one. This is a requirement not only to ensure compliance each year for the SAP licence audit but also to remove the risk that individuals could gain unauthorised access to the system and effectively manage the ongoing costs of SAP licences. This policy is outlined in the document below along with the list of people authorised to grant users SAP access.

Unfortunately due to staff turnover levels at present we do not hold a list of current SAP Superusers, this is being looked in to. (Updated January 2014)

SAP Authorised Signatories

Super Users
The concept of Super Users was introduced in order to improve communication and promote greater involvement of resource centre users in the implementation and development of SAP. Super Users are selected from resource centres and central administration departments based on their knowledge and experience of SAP. To date, Super Users have played an important role in user acceptance testing for the SAP upgrade and in reviewing training documentation. In addition, Super Users continue to provide first line support and on-the-job training for SAP users in their area.

> For more information about the role of the Super User, see the Super User information pack

Email discussion lists
Email discussion lists have been set up to encourage users to form a network across the University whereby they can communicate with each other and share information and tips. Two lists have been set up; one for SAP finance and the other for SAP purchasing. Questions and comments posted to the lists will help improve our understanding of user issues and requirements.

> This is currently under development

SAP online help
As well as new 4.7 training documentation, the SAP training team has introduced customised online help files to enable users to display help information on screen whilst processing SAP transactions. The files are displayed in cue card format and can be accessed within SAP from the menu path "Help > UoL Help."

The UoL Help needs to be installed with the SAP GUI. If you need to install this, please click the link below to download the setup files. Please note that you will need administrator rights to your PC to do this.

For more information about training documentation and using the online help files, see the SAP training section.

Report request form
To help meet our customers specific SAP reporting needs users can now request the development of new reports using the SAP report request form. The information provided on the form will be used by the SAP team to spec and develop the report requested. The report request should initially be logged with the IT Help Desk  where the request will be given a problem tracking number. Users should then complete the report request form and email it directly to the relevant SAP team member (details provided on the form). The user will be contacted within 48 hours of receipt of the Help Desk problem log and the SAP report request.

> View the SAP report request process flow diagram (Word document)
> Download the SAP report request form (Word document)

IT Help Desk
The IT Help Desk system is used to record all known issues/problems that cannot be solved using the support mechanisms above. On the whole, the Help Desk team acts as a filter to the SAP support team.

The most effective way to deal with the Help Desk to ensure that problems are corrected/resolved in the most efficient manner is to email them. When logging problems, please mention SAP in the subject heading of your email and always state your SAP username, a contact telephone number and the SAP transaction you are working on (if you are unsure of the latter, select the System drop down menu in SAP then select option Status - the transaction code can be seen in the area headed Repository Data). The more relevant detail you can supply about the nature of the problem, the quicker the resolution.

Help Desk contact details:
> Tel: 33333
> Use the online Help Desk contact form

Useful SAP websites:
For a variety of useful SAP information. Features include newswatch, module discussion forums, tutorials and links to SAP-related PDF documents.

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