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IMAP access to Exchange

IMAP access to Exchange

The ISS Staff Email service (which is hosted on an Exchange 2007 server) can be accessed via IMAP.  This will enable you to access your email inbox.  The details required to configure an IMAP email client to access your ISS Exchange mailbox are available.

Microsoft has taken the decision not to support Public Folder access over IMAP in the latest version of the Exchange Server 2007.  This means that email clients which connect to Exchange over IMAP will not be able to access Public Folders.  All public folder content is maintained and will continue to be accessible using these interfaces:

ISS has tested access to mailboxes from several email clients which use IMAP to access the Exchange servers.  Tested end clients include Entourage, Thunderbird, Pine, Alpine and Apple Mail.  The testing completed does not constitute support for any of the stated clients but has been completed to help identify general issues with IMAP access to the service.  A list of known IMAP issues is available.






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