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SAP Training Material

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SAP Client Help

The upgrade to version 4.6B has enabled the training team to introd­uce customised on-line help files. Users are now able to display help information on screen whilst processing SAP transactions.

To access the help information whilst in a transaction (e.g. VA01 - create a sales order) either in QAS 4.6 or PRD, select the menu path "Help>UoL Help" from the toolbar. The internet browser appears followed by the help information on the right hand side of the screen. The information is displayed in cue card format. Clicking on the hypertext links within the cue card displays examples of the SAP screen. Clicking on the screen returns you to the procedure. As you progress through the SAP transaction, you can scroll through the help document to assist you.

If, while attempting to access the cue card you receive the following message, "No context sensitive help available. Please use Extended Help," this means that the relevant help file is not installed on your PC.

Please be aware that not all transactions have been loaded as help files. Further cue cards are under development and will be made available over the coming months.

Course Documentation

Click here for Quick Reference Cards, online simulations and flowcharts to download from SAP training courses

Infopak Documents

The online help documents can be accessed directly here.

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